1. Peonies arrive ready to bloom

Our peonies arrive ready to bloom, meaning they are ready to open up and be displayed proudly in a vase. Each stem may not open at once overnight, but once the stems are trimmed and they are placed in water, they should bloom beautifully.

Peony In Bloom

2. Place in vase with deep water

After carefully unpacking your peonies from their packaging, choose an appropriate vase to display them in. Next, trim 2-3cm from the stems and fill the vase three-quarters full with room temperature water & the flower food included.

3. If stems have not bloomed

Recut the stems and put them in warm water for 24 hours, this should help the peonies to bloom.

4. Wash away the sap

Sometimes the stems can be covered in a sticky sap that can prevent the stem from opening. We would advise to hold the stem upside down with the head pointing down under a running tap of warm water. This can help wash away the sap. After doing this add the peonies back to the vase as per flower instructions and this should help them open. 

5. Enjoy your blooms

After a day or two of the peonies hydrating in water, the blooms will begin to open. Keep the peonies in a cool place out of direct sunlight, change the water every couple of days to help keep the flowers as fresh as possible.

We hope you have found these tips helpful and your beautiful blooms last as long as possible.