What is the 100% Happiness Guarantee

The happiness guarantee is our promise that if you are unhappy with your product for certain reasons, we will add store credit to your account for you to use within 12 months. 

What reasons apply to the 100% Happiness Guarantee?

  • Goods not as ordered (different product or different size)

  • Missing Gifts (an item is missing from a successful delivery)

  • Delivery has not been made, and the address given was correct

  • Flowers/Plants have arrived in poor condition

  • There is damage to flowers that significantly impacts the overall appearance of the bouquet
  • Item has not lasted as long as it should - typically 5 or 7 days

How much store credit is awarded?

Flowers arrived poor, or not lasted the guaranteed period: 

If the issue is significant we will add credit for the item in question plus £10. If we deem the issue to be minor (for example one or two stems affected), we will award 50% of the amount paid for the item.

Bouquet not as ordered (different product):
We will add credit for the item in question plus £10. 

Bouquet not as ordered (incorrect size):

We will add the price of the difference between ehat was ordered and what was received, plus an additional £10

Missing or Damaged add-on items (for example chocolate, alcohol)
We wil add the value of the item plus £10

Non Delivery:
If the item has been lost in the courier network and is not going to arrive, we will add store credit for the order vlaue plus £10. Please note late deliveries are not considered non deliveries. 

What if my issue is not one of these reasons?

If you have a different issue with your order, please get in touch with our customer service team and we will review and compensate as appropriate. This includes (but is not limited to) the following reasons:

  • An item has been substituted

  • Gift message was not included

  • Item was delivered later than the requested date

How do I claim my 100% Happiness Guarantee?

In the order history in your account area, alongside any item delivered in the last 8 days is the option to automatically claim your store credit. Unless referred, the decision and allocation of credit is immediate.

Photographs and Evidence

Pictures must accurately reflect the issue. 

What if I don’t want store credit?

You may be entitled to a reorder or a refund. If you would prefer this, then please contact the customer service team through the help page so they can assist you. You can do this by selecting that you need more help at the bottom of this article.

Does store credit expire?

Our store credit lasts for 24 months.

What can I use store credit on?

Store Credit can be used on anything except subscription products.

Unlike discount codes, store credit can be used on items that have already been discounted. It can also be used in conjunction with discount codes. It can not be used on subscriptions.

I processed my Happiness Guarantee but compensation (credit, refund, or re-order) has been denied

Not all Happiness Guarantee claims are processed immediately. Some are automatically referred for review. A claim being referred is not an implication of wrongdoing or dishonesty.

Following investigation, the happiness guarantee will either be processed or declined. Reasons for a declined claim include:

  • Situations where we are repeatedly unable to fulfil a customer’s expectations

  • Serial usage

  • Issues beyond the control of the company or its supply chain

  • Dissatisfaction with pricing, where you have received the correct items

  • Spurious or dishonest claims. 

Furthermore, if the above criteria are found to be in evidence on previously accepted happiness guarantee claims, allocated store credit may be removed from an Appleyard account and, in extreme cases, we may refuse to process any further orders for the individual or to use previously used delivery addresses.

All decisions will be made in keeping with your rights as set out by the Consumer Rights Act. 

Refund Fraud

Refund fraud is a type of payment fraud in which an individual or a group of people falsely claim a refund or reimbursement from a company, government organisation, or financial institution. 

We use data analysis and fraud prevention tools to protect ourselves from this type of fraud. If we feel there is sufficient evidence that a claim is dishonest, we may pass this information to a law enforcement agency. This will be done within the framework of current data protection laws.

Can I appeal a declined claim?

If we decide to decline a Happiness Guarantee claim, the customer may appeal in writing to:


Floor 3

6-8 Bonhill Street